Erin is bright, organized, and efficient -- now if she could just convince her mom of all that!

Can Kevin keep Paul's visit a secret?


For Middle Readers

Iím Absolutely,Positively Too Old for
a Babysitter (But I Have One Anyway)

Erin knows she's too old to have a babysitter, but her mother disagrees. Her mom is a caterer -- a good one. But a lot of people (and maybe Erin) would call her "flaky." So how can Erin convince her mom she's old enough to stay alone?

And now there's another problem. Her parents are divorced, and now Erin's dad wants her to move to California to join him. Dad wouldn't think she needed a babysitter.

When Paul Bunyan Came to Middleburg Elementary School

Kevin has heard of tall tales, but he never saw one come to life. Not until he meets Paul Bunyan, a giant man whose foot is as long as Kevin is tall.

But friends can turn up in unexpected places, and when Paul turns up in the schoolyard, Kevin decides to help him. That is, if he can keep away Roberta, the principal's nosy niece. If Kevin can't help Paul, the big man may never get home. Can Kevin help?

Lay-ups and Long Shots

Lyneaís story in this anthology is called ďFat Girls Canít (Donít) Run.Ē The action is fast, the obstacles difficult, and success is measured in an unexpected way.

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Brooklyn, Bugsy, and Me

It's 1953, and nine-year-old Sam and his mom move from West Virginia to Brooklyn to live with his grandfather. Sam's not happy about leaving everything he loves and squeezing into Gramps's small, noisy, and hot apartment. And Sam is sure Gramps doesn't like him.

To make things even worse, Sam doesn't like Brooklyn. Then he meets Tony, and discovers stickball and egg creams, and a new kind of fishing. He also discovers Gramps is known by everyone as "Bugsy," and is well-liked. So why does Gramps seem so different with Sam? Sam eventually realizes first impressions can be misleading.

Living with My Stepfather Is like Living with a Moose

Matt's new stepfather is a klutz, and Matt is sure he'll be an embarrassment at the father-son softball game that's coming up. Little by little, Matt realizes his friends actually like the man, and Matt begins to realize why. A bird-watching trip convinces Matt that Frank might not be such a klutz after all.

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How to be Nice...(and Other Lessons I Didn't Learn)

Rosie likes her new stepfamily -- they're nice. But they're too nice, and Rosie feels like an outsider, because she's -- well, not so nice. Then Rosie has an idea. Rosie decides she'll start being nice herself.

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With Courage:.....Seven Women Who Changed America

Introductory biographies of seven American women who came to prominence in the last fifty years. Each profile focuses on the woman's achievements as a pioneer.

Includes Rachel Carson, Katharine Graham, Dolores Huerta, Wilma Mankiller, Maya Lin, Kathleen McGrath, and Condoleezza Rice.

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Francis Scott Key and the Star-Spangled Banner

Picture book for early and older readers. Tells the story of the writing of "The Star-Spangled Banner" by Francis Scott Key during the War of 1812, and his courage and patriotism.

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Selected Works

For Middle Graders
Short stories about sports by a variety of well-known writers.
In 1953, Sam has to get used to his new life in Brooklyn, NY, as well as a grandfather who doesn't seem to like Sam at all.
Fully illustrated and simply told story of the writing of "The Star-Spangled Banner."

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