A rhyming book about the days of the weeks. Chidren's Press/Scholastic Rookie Reader. Also available in Spanish and French.

Cody likes to watch for things -- rabbits, neighbors, dogs, white pick-up trucks -- in fact, most anything that moves.

Zephyr, who is missed.

Einstein lives in New Jersey. He's small, but like his owner, he's feisty and smart.

Vibes - the Honorary Cat for this page about dogs. He agrees with Mrs. McCain's neighbors, that she has too many dogs. But when a vote was taken, the dogs decided to include Vibes here. They wanted to call him "Honorary Dog." Vibes put his four feet down and said "no." He was a cat -- and that was the best anyone can be!

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs!!!

A Dog for Each Day

Bertha McCain has seven dogs. Each dog has a different task, one for each day of the week.

The neighbors complain there are too many dogs, but Bertha knows each one is special. Is there room for more? Of course!


From The Critics: Children's Literature
"...geared for fluent readers, includes three-syllable words....crisp, playful language...." Candice Ransom

Author's Note

When Lynea wrote the dedication for A Dog for Each Day, she wanted to include not only her own dogs, but all those of her family and friends. Since there wasn’t enough room on the dedication page, here they are now.

For all the dogs I've known and loved:

Zephyr, Cody, Bear, Princess, Chipper, Taffy, Pepper, Muffy, York, Woof, Sam, Einstein, Tigger, Daisy, Inky, Lady #2, Pandy, Toby, Gigio, Houston, Juliet, Queenie, Lady #1, Kelly, Tuffy, Cassie, Lobo, Bitsy, Shadow, Maz, Tevye, Violet, Lucy, Baron, Holly, and Poppy.

Princess, Chipper, and Bear
- the best dogs ever!

Photo copyright 2009 Kyle Henderson

Princess, howling like a beagle,for the sheer joy of saying "welcome home."

Taffy, in Brooklyn, New York.

Pepper: Silky fur, graceful, and gentle.

Tigger lives with Daisy. They're both cocker spaniels. Daisy's picture is on this page, also. Can you find her?

Max lives in North Carolina. He loves to sleep, and cuddle.

Daisy likes playing with her toys -- and sometimes with Tigger's.

Selected Works

For Middle Graders
Short stories about sports by a variety of well-known writers.
In 1953, Sam has to get used to his new life in Brooklyn, NY, as well as a grandfather who doesn't seem to like Sam at all.
Fully illustrated and simply told story of the writing of "The Star-Spangled Banner."

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