For Early Readers

A Dog for Each Day

Bertha McCain has seven dogs, one for each day of the week. A story in rhyme.

Chidren's Press/​Scholastic Rookie Reader. Also available in Spanish and French.

The Carousel Ride

Mara's brother thinks carousel rides are boring. But Mara knows better! On her carousel ride, she becomes a queen, a circus star, and the leader of a parade!

Children's Press/​Scholastic Rookie Reader.

One Glad Man

This sad man find he's no longer lonely after numbers of animals and insects come to share his house.

A counting book for numbers one to ten.

Children's Press/​Scholastic Rookie Reader

Thunder Doesn't Scare Me!

This young girl's dog Princess is afraid of thunder. So she helps Princess. How? They have fun making more noise than the thunder.

Children's Press/​Scholastic Rookie Reader.

Silly Questions

Have you ever tickled a turtle? That's only one of the silly questions this rhyming book asks. And the answer to the question may surprise you!

Children's Press/​Scholastic Rookie Reader. Also available in Spanish and French.

George Washington Carver

Non-Fiction --- Introduction to the life of this African American scientist, whose field was agriculture. Perhaps best known for his work with peanuts and their uses, his contributions in other areas of agriculture were important, also. Includes black and white amd color photographs.

Children's Press/​Scholastic Rookie Reader

Selected Works

For Middle Graders
Short stories about sports by a variety of well-known writers.
In 1953, Sam has to get used to his new life in Brooklyn, NY, as well as a grandfather who doesn't seem to like Sam at all.
Fully illustrated and simply told story of the writing of "The Star-Spangled Banner."

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