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This book has been chosen as one of Booklist's Top-Ten Sports Books for 2009.

Lay-ups and Long Shots

Lynea’s “Fat Girls Can’t/​Don’t Run,” is one of eight stories written by authors well-known to middle readers. The authors include David Lubar, Joseph Bruchac, Terry Trueman, Peggy Duffy, M. E. Anderson, C. S. Perryess, and Gretchen Woelfle. The sports include basketball, kayaking, and football.

In Lynea’s story, Carla doesn’t like gym, and she doesn’t like the word “fat.” She prefers the word “large.” She’s not good at sports, and wishes she could skip gym altogether. But no matter how she tries, she can’t get excused from gym and the humiliation she feels trying to do things she can’t. Carla’s only exercise is walking her dog Henry, who’s old, hairy, and lovable. Henry doesn’t care what size Carla is.

To make things worse, the sixth grade now has to have physical fitness tests. Carla knows she can’t pass any of them. But Carla soon finds that sometimes things aren’t as bad as they seem.


From Booklist

“… Lynea Bowdish’s “Fat Girls Don’t Run,” overweight Carla turns out to be faster in a race than anyone—including she herself—expects. Consistently readable and engaging, the collection should have as much appeal for geeks as it does for jocks.”…..

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From School Library Journal

“…..these accessible and engaging selections cover a wide range of sports, from basketball to surfing to BMX riding…… these protagonists are engaging, and middle schoolers will find much to relate to in the reassuring reminders that perfection is highly overrated. A great way to introduce reluctant readers to some talented voices.”

—Kim Dare, Fairfax County Public Schools, VA
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